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Tuberculous Laryngitis, by Julius Dworetzky. — Primary tuberculosis of the larynx is very rare. The disease is secondary to tuberculosis Zarah Generic For Yasmin elsewhere in the body. It seems to be an affection mainly of adult life and of greater frequency in the male sex. Yasmin Generic Name The author is of the opinion that tuberculosis of the larynx is caused by direct invasion of the mucous membrane of the larynx by the tubercle bacillus, and that a predisposing Ocella Generic For Yasmin cause is almost as essential as the direct cause. Anything that tends to congestion and chronic catarrhal inflammation of the larynx should be considered a predisposing factor. ARCHIVES OF INTERNAL MEDICINE April, IQIS- Age Incidence in Sarcoma, by Carl Vernon Weller. — From an analysis of 265 consecutive cases of sarcoma it was ascertained that the incidence of sarcoma is greatest at the age period of forty-eiglit to fifty-two Yasmin Generic Brand years. Sarcoma can no longer be con- sidered a disease of the young. Generic Form Of Yasmin After the period Generic Yasmin Zarah named the incidence of sarcoma gradually decreased. There was no marked difiference between the male and female sexes in the age distribution of sarcoma. Yasmin 3 Mg Although in youth sarcoma incidence was somewhat higher than cancer incidence, a marked parallelism between the age incidence curves of the two Buy Yasmin Online Uk types of tumor was noted, and for more than twenty years (twenty-eight to fifty-two) the curves practi- cally coincided. This suggests that the causal or predisposing agencies Generic Version Of Yasmin in the two cases must be identical or have much in common. Metastatic Calcification, by H. Gideon Wells. — An instance of this rare disorder, characterized by widespread deposition of calcium salts as a result of their excessive absorption from the normal depots — the bones — is reported. The case was one of myelo- genous leucemia. with destruction of bone tissue. Heavy Yasmin Ed Tablets calcium deposits were found in the endo- cardium on the left side of the heart and in the in- tima of the cardiac arteries and the pulmonary Ill PROCEEDINGS OF SOCIETIES. [New York Medical Journal. veins. The lungs failed to collapse on removal owing to the extensive calcareous deposits. The case shows the importance of the carbon dioxide of the blood in the transportation of calcium, lime de- position having occurred precisely at those points Buying Yasmin Online — pulmonary veins and left heart — where the blood contains the least carbon dioxide. Methods for Ascertaining the Functional Ac- tivity of the Pancreas, by Burrill B. Crohn. — Quantitative examination of the duodenal ferments was found to be the most accurate and reliable method of studying the external secretion of the pancreas. Diminution of this enzyme activity proved a dependable sign of organic pancreatic disease; though rarely such diminution- was observed as a symptom of advanced organic disease elsewhere in the body. The cases studied numbered 120, and confirmed the value of a previously described method of ascertaining the organic condition of the pancreas by making a quantitative analysis of the Generic Name For Yasmin enzymes present in intestinal contents obtained through a duodenal tube. A distinct increase of fat and nitrogen excretion, not due to intestinal disease or abdominal tuberculosis, and greater than the fat loss due to simple biliary obstruction, was found to be strongly indicative of pancreatic disease. Ab- sorption of fat and nitrogen from the intestine — tested by a method which the author describes — was found Buy Generic Yasmin to be independent of the external pancreatic secretion, and its control is ascribed to internal pan- creatic secretion or hormone. ^xmtVmp at ^mttm. NEW YORK ACADEMY OF MEDICINE. Section in Genitourinary Surgery. Regular Meeting, Held March ij, ipij. Yasmin Generic Price Dr. Leo Buerger in the Chair. I. Ureterotomy for Cystin Calculi; 2, Ureter- otomy for Uratic Calculus; 3, Excision of Blad- der, Prostate, and Vesicles by Combined Route for Carcinoma of Neck of the Bladder ; 4, Nephrec- tomy for Hypernephroma. — Dr. Edwin Beer's first patient failed to report in person. He was twenty years of age, and was admitted to the hos- pital on October 23, 1914, complaining of pain in both costovertebral angles Generic Brand Of Yasmin radiating down to the genitals. He had vomited, his urine had been bloody, and he had passed several small stones. He had never had any fever. Physical examination re- vealed bilateral lumbar tenderness and ureteral ten- derness. The urine Generic Brand For Yasmin was bloody on admission, and shortly afterward he passed several small calculi, which Buy Yasmin Uk on chemical analysis revealed pure cystin. Examination of the urine showed no cystin at this or any other time. The x ray showed a very clear shadow in the upper part of the left ureter, three quarters by half an inch in size, and another smaller shadow further down near the iliac crest, which it was thought might be a stone; and in the pelvis of the kidney were small concretions. Before operat- ing for these stones, a ureterograph was taken — that Yasmin 21 Tablets being Yasmin 28 Generic part of the routine procedure — to see whether the shadows were really in the ureter, and to demon-

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