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1 1 5 40 11 59 11 7 7 3 2 lis 18 111 15 90 46 77 31 Zantac Online 4 4 10 The Massachusetts Medical Society. — Buy Zantac The Section for Clinical Medicine, Pathology, and Hygiene of Buy Zantac Online the Suffolk Dis- Purchase Zantac Online trict Branch will meet in Boston on Wednesday, the 13th inst. The programme includes a paper by Dr. Henry Jackson, "A Case of Acute Infections Universal Myositis," the discussion of which is to be opened by Dr. R. H. Fitz ; "Four Hospital Cases: 1. Zantac 150mg Tetany. 2. Haemophilia. 3. Cirrhosis of the Liver. 4. Peritonitis, with Perforation of the Abdominal Zantac 150 Wall," Zantac Buy by Order Zantac Dr. F. C. Sbattuck, the Zantac Mg discussion to be opened by Dr. F. Minot; and 300 Mg Zantac " A Case of Idiopathic Multiple Neuritis," by Dr. C. F. Folsom. the discussion to Cheap Zantac be opened by Dr. S. <;. Webber and Dr. J. J. Putnam. The Omaha Medical College held its commencement ex- ercises on the 24th ot March The graduating class numbered seven, of whom one was from Online Zantac the State of Maine and another from Washington Territory. The esteemed correspondent who sends us the foregoing information adds: "It is often intimated in New York and other portions of the East, that simply to apply for graduation in one of the western medical schools is to be assured of a diploma. That this is not, at least in every case, April 9, is^7.| PROCEEDINGS Purchase Zantac OF SOCIETIES. 411 true is evidenced by the fact that, of those presenting them- selves for graduation who had Where To Buy Zantac fulfilled the requirements of the college, thirty per cent, failed to pass the Zantac 150 Mg examinations, and were not graduated. We considered the class one of at least average ability." Professor Politzer. — The " Order Zantac Online Lancet " states that Professor Adam Politzer's old pupils and friends have arranged to present him with his portrait as a memento of his great services to aural surgery during the twenty-five years he has been teaching at the University of Vienna, the presentation to take place at the Easter meeting of the Otological Association, in Zantac Coupon Vienna. The German Emperor's Physician, Dr. von Lauer, accord- ing to the '"Lancet," received a gift of 150,000 marks and the title of " Excellency " on the occasion of the Emperor's eightieth birthday, and is said to have received a further gilt of 300,000 marks on the 22d of March, the Emperor's ninetieth birthday. As the "Lancet" remarks, it is pleasing to note that at a period of national rejoicing Dr. von Lauer's skill and care have been neither unnoticed nor unrewarded. The Gouverneur Hospital.— We learn that Zantac 300 Mg the Commis- sioners of Public Charities and Correction have recently ap- pointed Dr. H. Zantac 75 Mg M. Silver one of the visiting surgeons to the hospital. The Earthquake in Europe, according to one of the Lon- don newspapers, has been followed by an outbreak of trismus among the injured at Barardo, which is attributed to the in-

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